Photography Grants

2014 Call for Documentary Photography Entries

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Proposals of Human Importance and Impact

Follow in the footsteps of our 2013 Grant recipient Vivek Singh. We invite documentary photographers around the globe to submit their documentary photo project proposals alongside their supporting 15-image portfolios highlighting human unrest, forgotten communities, over-exploited people and environments impacted by war, poverty, famine, disease, exploitation and global distress.

An International Grant

The Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation for Documentary Photography and Film will award a US$5,000 grant to the winning documentary/reportage project proposal and supporting image portfolio. The "Top 12" shortlisted portfolios will be featured on digital screens during Les Rencontres d'Arles at our sister space Galerie Huit, located in the heart of Arles. The selected project must be completed the calendar year when the grant was received. Our grant is open to professional and up and coming, non-professional photographers in all countries. Participants must be committed to the field of reportage and documentary photography.

Eligible Work

All proposed projects and submitted portfolios must be real non-fictional works based on such pressing social issues as health, poverty, oppression, war, famine, religious/political persecution, and similar topics. Proposals must be for new or continuing projects. Portfolio should be a representative sampling of your work in 15 images.

Award Recipients

Entries must be submitted by the photographer(s) responsible for the work. Group entrants are permitted. Only one submission set of documents per group will be accepted. There will only be one award prize regardless of the number of individuals involved in the submission.

How to Enter

All entrants must submit the required supporting materials including the 15 image portfolio, project and budget proposal, resume (CV), and head shot. Details, rules and submission guide lines must be following as described here.

Submission Dates and Deadlines

Entries may be submitted between November 1, 2013, and March 31, 2014, to be eligible. All requested entry materials must be completed and submitted no later than Midnight EST New York on March 31, 2014.

Judging, Selection & Notification

Judging will take place in three rounds by a panel of selected professionals representing all branches of the documentary photography industry. Round One judging will assess all entries based on submission materials. Judges will select the top 24 submissions to move on to round two. Round two finalists will be required to submit high quality individual files of each of the 15 images in their portfolio. Round Three judges will select the final 12 finalists from which a winner will be announced.